Kubernetes deployment automation with Istio, Spinnaker and Jenkins -Part2

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Par1 of this multi part Series, basically put on a show to demonstrate how easy it is to established a pipeline with the help of tools like Jenkins, Spinnaker, Github & Docker hub to automate creation of a k8s cluster and deploying applications with istio service mesh and few applications with basic configurations.

Part 2 basically a walk through of the entire process before I can jump in to the details of various tools used and configurations (Part 3 and so on…).

Find a walk-through of the entire process in following video link.

Almost a year back I had this comment which got lots of views and the reactions I have received, that led me to believe the pain is real!

“Agility is possible only with a good devops. A good devops is like a main stem of a big tree- everything else should be branched out of it. In a poorly managed situation project Mangers, developers, QA, Infrastructure folks, operation engineers and end users are kind of their own highways, only meet at few crossings which only creates crowd, conflicts, confusions and invites more traffic signals -which at the end slows down the average speed of the traffic.”

I had this question in mind how much effort and pursuance it really requires to make the transformations from a drawing in a whiteboard to an implementations.

CI/CD is one of the most debated & discussed topic of the decades. And I have found discussion always ends with the choices of the tooling and limitations that comes with it.But that’s not the real concern, tools are dumb and they are as good as people who implement them.

I have found in almost all the cases, tools and the expectations from the tool ends up with a gap which has already cost lots of human effort and money.

But issues are always people oriented, its not even process, we do have good excuse of process, if we do not want to hurt anyone’s sentiment, we can always point finger to the process, its funny process always created and managed by people.

If we can change the mindset and stay focus on the objectives that will give us some benefit over people and process issue.